Over The Bridge!

February 4, 2013


fotocred: Charlie Burke

A new painting for the Feb2013 ‘Preliminaria’ Show at the Cultural Center, Yarmouth MA…

Inquire at Your Peril!

July 11, 2012

Mena's RayGun BrandishmentOne of the narrative entry-points of DO CYBORGS ON VACATION EAT FRIED INFORMATION? as freshly painted for Introspective Collective~ a sort of dark art/music festival at The New Church Aug2-5 Yarmouthport on 6A across from the Gorey House as produced by Big Collage !!

Mena Means Bidness!

June 28, 2012
This is planned to become a painting for Introspective Collective... Woman-In-Black 'Mena Arc' surfaces outside Taos in Feb2023 to interview/assassinate an elderly glitter-rock bandmember with her microphone/raygun...

one of the chief questions being, of course~ DO CYBORGS ON VACATION EAT FRIED INFORMATION?

Glam*Ma vs Monkey-Mind!!

June 26, 2012
She's No Spring Chicken, but She can Deliver a Lickin'!!!!!

Everything’s gonna be Funky when she SPANKS THE MONKEY!

Swedenborgian Ornithopter!

June 22, 2012

Poster/banner-art painting for Big Collage 'Introspective Collective' mutimedia weekend

Test-flight preDawn Summer Solstice 1957 Yarmouthport MA~ Highly Classified, citizen.

Poster/banner-art painting for Big Collage’s ‘Introspective Collective’ multimedia-weekend

August 2 at 7:00pm until August 5 at 5:00pm.
The New Church, Yarmouthport, MA

Don’t Rabbithole me in regards to my Hardcore Esotericist Tendencies, people.

June 17, 2012

One of the new paintings for the ‘Coordinates’ Show opening June 29th http://helltownworkshop.com/section/298807_June_29_Coordinates_Group_Show.html


May 25, 2012

PlanetaryRomanceCoordinates!The preliminary scan of ‘Planetary Romance Coordinates’ which’ll be the centerpiece of a number of new paintings I’ll be debuting at the ‘Coordinates’ show, at Helltown Workshop Gallery in Provincetown June 28th… http://helltownworkshop.com/home.html


April 15, 2012

Spilt Milk Indeed!A shoutout to all local toilers in the Food Service Industry as the Season begins… this saga began midMarch as a sketch for one of my two customary illustrations for OUTLAW BIKER Magazine’s Weirdstuff From The News column for its 190th issue… due to the Ole Man’s attempt to save some printing-costs with an Online Brokerage, the deadline got moved up twice as I was already swamped with double-deadlines for ~ahem~ better-paying clients. Kaboom. So I was stuck with this really twisted blue-pencil-with-black-border sketch. I did a colorxerox enlargement of it, setting the settings pretty dark to get all the detail… with the result that the aged sketch-paper gave a sinister yellow-green cast to the whole background. It’s not easy to color OVER a color-xerox, but I had some waterproof color-inks, and kept grinding-in Prismacolor-pencils over those once they’d dried… the weirdness of the image exponentiated nicely… Synchronistically I had it ready and rexeroxed to show to the attending artists at last nite’s crucial-and-groundbreaking opening of the new Gallery section of Hyannis’ Spilt Milk Tattoo Studio. The visual by sheer happenstance as you can see… involving… spilt-milk. The original newsstory involved fed-up employees at a Monroe WA franchise of You-Know-What, showing up for their shift, tying up the Manager, pocketing the morning’s proceeds WHILE WORKING THE SHIFT, punching-out, and making good their escape! Crimes o’ the times, kids!

A Compendium of Cape-Specific Humor!

March 1, 2012

A Compendium of Cape-Specific Humor!


Planetary Romance!

January 28, 2012

Dimensia and Mister Ohms aka The Pointing Robot canoodle amongst the Asteroids!